Saturday, March 6, 2010


So. My class. We had our first test last week and I did well. Very well. 100% plus the extra credit points. No shit. Granted, it was the first test and they will get more difficult. But it felt good.

I've always done well on tests, the stress just sharpens my focus. But the day of the test I was worried that I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked.

During today's lecture, I got another step closer to deciding which variety* I might plant, if I decide to do this. I'm really not sure. It's a huge commitment with a lot a risk, especially where pests are concerned. And I don't have a good track record with pests.

And if I don't plant vines here it will be okay, but I do think we need to do more with this place. Chickens, peacock, goat, alpaca, pig, turkey. That's the wish list. Well, the list of animals anyway. Maya would add horses to that list. Eh.

Plants and trees are a little more, well, more. Just yesterday I ordered three different spruce seedlings, a crab apple, a paper birch and bulbs (oxalis and some others I can't remember) all through a fundraiser at Austin's school.

Trees make me happy. I will get up to Sequoia. Someday.

*It might, might be Merlot.

PS. I haven't drank any "homework" in 3 weeks.


Petit fleur said...

Congrats on your test!

I just learned we have a wine making place here in Tally... you go to this place and make as much wine as you want at the place and leave it there I guess to ferment or whatever, and then come get it! I don't know how much it costs to do it, but it seems like if we have this here in Podunk, you guys probably do to. Something different for sure!

michelle said...

I dream about the same things...

Grapevines, edible horticulture, livestock.


Ms. Moon said...

You have the fever! Funny how these genes kick in as we get older.
I would say as to the animals- start with chickens. You knew I'd say this, right?
And before you start lusting after an alpaca, check out the prices on those pretty creatures. They're not cheap.
But chickens? Cheap. Cheep!
Get six hens and a rooster. Build a coop. Go for it!

Mwa said...

YAY on the test!

I can't believe you're not doing the funnest part of your course.

Steph(anie) said...

PF - I'll have to check into that. We have lots of local wineries, I wonder if any of them do that.

Michelle - I don't know how much space you guys have, but here it just seems like such a waste to have all this space/dirt and not do anything with it.

Ms. Moon - I've actually wanted chickens for a long time, it just hasn't happened yet... the fire is being stoked anew now. And alpacas... breeders are very VERY expensive, but "fiber" alpacas are a little more reasonable.

Mwa - Yeah. I'm sure I'll get back to it. Just sort of lost the taste for it after I over did it with the last bottle.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I drank your share of homework this weekend. Laugh.

Congrats on the test, Steph. Way to go!

Love you.