Thursday, February 11, 2010

You must come out to light

I do this thing sometimes where something obvious occurs to me, and then I want to kick myself for not thinking of it sooner. I know I'm not the only one that does that, but still. What the fuck, right?

A couple years back we got our first flat panel TV. It wouldn't fit in our entertainment center so we got rid of it. (I gave it to Lori. See how she comes up all the time?) Anyway, when we got rid of that ginormous piece of pine, we put most of our electronic components into storage, leaving out only the DVD player and the satelite TV box. That means my CD player has been in storage for 2 years! At home we mostly listen to music by way of the XM radio stations included in our TV package, and in a pinch you can play a CD in the DVD player. (At work I listen on the 'puter.) Today I decided it was time to have a dedicated CD player in the house again and for some reason I thought I had to buy one. (Huh?) Then I remembered I had one! And it's a multi-disc changer!

But where will I put it so Austin won't mess with it? The little bugger really likes to push [my] buttons. Literally. And suddenly the thought occured to me -- I have that handy-dandy new pantry! And since it has curtains, not doors, I can put my CD player under cover and have it right there to listen to at dinner. For some reason this thought makes me feel like I am living in a whole new world.

Is being so easily pleased a good thing or a sign of mental inadequacy?

I think I even still have a record player somewhere...



Bethany said...

It's a good sign Steph.
So glad you got your music hooked up. I felt the same way when I figured out how to hook up my ipod to my old stereo.
Dance on.

michelle said...

We always have music playing in the house. It makes the place feel alive

Ms. Moon said...

Yay! For someone who loves music as much as you do, I would think a CD player is a necessity. I'm glad you got yours hooked up.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Easily pleased is a totally good thing. Enjoy the music.

Love, SB.

Petit fleur said...

Um it's a necessity if one wants to stay sane in this insane world of ours. Enjoy!