Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Update

First and foremost: I HAVE AN OVEN AGAIN!!!

A whole week without makes you appreciate these things. You can only do so much with a microwave (Although I did make vegetable soup from scratch in the micro. It was fair to middlin.) And I am sick to death of fast food. Under normal circumstances the man would have cooked over an open flame in the backyard, but I don't remember what all got in the way of that. And there is the crockpot, but I never think of that in time before going to work.

So here's the new model:

I never thought I would be interested in a five-burner, but we got started looking at them and the four-burners looked so... incomplete. The center burner is elongated for use with griddles and the like. The icon for it on the knob looks something like a butterfly.

Unfortunately we haven't actually used the damn thing yet. It took Dan the better part of the day Sunday to convert all the little fittings from gas to propane and we had dinner plans at my mother's. And tonight will be crazy with taxiing children and taking the truck into the shop and who knows what we'll be doing for dinner. So. I'm sure we'll use it soon. My MIL may make herself breakfast on it today. But tomorrow night that baby is all mine.


My class started on Saturday! The first class meeting was all lecture, but went pretty quickly. There will be two field trips to the Temecula wine country. WOOHOO! Fun fun fun.

I brought 3 bottles of California wine home from the grocery store on Saturday and told Dan it was my homework. HA!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm jealous of your studies! Laugh.

Have fun!

Ms. Moon said...

I always make the same meal when I get a new stove- pinto beans and a loaf of bread. Oh yeah, some collards, too. Don't know why but that's what I make.
I am glad you are taking this class!

Bethany said...

nice stove.
I didn't even know 5 burners was an option!
now you have pressure to cook something fantastic.
I'll be waiting for pics ;-)
nice homework too.

Petit fleur said...


5 burners is the bomb! I like the idea of the griddle option too, but ours does not have that. Be sure to let us know how your first pancake day goes!

Hmmm... wine for homework... I wonder if we have any classes like that here. Study hard.
xo pf

Mwa said...

You could do that after every class! Mmm.

May said...

Maybe you need to get together a weekly "study group" to go "out in the field" with. Nothing like a little hands-on learning! If Dan complains you could tell him that next semester you'll take Human Sexuality.