Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rodrigo y Gabriela: Diablo Rojo

Did she say crazy shit? I like her. I love that they are playing in a big ol' concert hall and sitting on crappy folding chairs. I posted another by these two here.


Matt Stevens said...

This is brilliant

adrienne said...

que rico!!!!

i LOVE that her strumming sleeve is rolled up...i love that she clearly has cajones, i love that he plays this loca music yet seems to be completely chill, and i LOVE that they have been hiding out in ireland of all places!

what did they eat there? could they find jalapenos?

as my sister loves to say the universe is abundant; when it comes to music, you continue to open doors for me that have been shut since my babies arrived and my salsa shoes found themselves exiled in the back of my closet...

gracias, mi amiga...mi hermana!

besos y abrazos a ti, steph!