Sunday, February 14, 2010

the effing dust is everywhere

Somebody [me] thought it would be a good idea to cut a big hole in the house and swap out a window for a door to make coming and going easier. And it will be nice when it's finished. But why is it that even small construction projects take longer than planned, make an enormous mess, and cost more money than budgeted?

I have pictures of the job in progress, but somehow managed to lose my camera. There are also pictures of Austin in his little-man tool-belt. [Ms. Moon, you are gonna need one of those for Owen; it is too damn cute.] And don't go thinkin' we're all gender biased around here. Maya's got her own tool belt and knows how to work a drill gun better than I do. She could probably change a tire faster than me too (but not as fast as Dan).

Anyway, I'm just looking forward to getting the dust cleaned up and my kitchen/dining room back in order. We were (are) going to put the window we took out of the dining room into the master bedroom (this outside wall) but my MIL came home a week and a half early from what was going to be a three week trip out of state because she's sick. So we decided we'd better not cause any more dust right now. And just as well, with being over budget and what not.


Last night I did a whole bottle's worth of "homework" by myself. Riesling. Pretty sweet and citrusy. Too sweet for a whole bottle to be a good idea [for me]. The hangover started before I even went to bed. Hell, before I sobered up. So much for moderation.

While doing my "homework" I watched Bottle Shock. It was cute and entertaining. If you ever watch it, note the way dust stirs up every time a car pulls up. That is something I can really relate to. They over-used the sweeping aerial shots of Napa Valley though. It became distracting. Like what? This? Again? But I did like it much better than Sideways. Course I hated Sideways, so that's not saying much. Sandra Oh was the only good thing about Sideways. Okay, maybe that's harsh... Virginia Madsen was good too. Otherwise Sideways sucked ass.

Next Saturday is the first field day for my class. I better find my damn camera.


Ms. Moon said...

Home construction is always more of a mess, takes more time and takes more money than you could ever have imagined. But it will be worth it.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I liked Thomas Haden-Church in Sideways. Dude's cute.

Bethany said...

Sorry about all the dust. But making a door! That's quite a feat when you think of it. I need a new door in my life. Good for you. Moving doors and windows.
Never saw Sideways even though everyone said I should. I don't think I'd like it either.
You're funny about the aeriel shots.
Easy on the homework!
Hope your field trip is fun.

May said...

I totally agree about Sideways! Why did everyone love that movie? Jerks drinking wine and being jerks. La-di-da. I can't wait till you find that camera and we get to see the tool belt photos, and the work in progress. Doors are good. Does the new door have a window in it? I'd hate to think you're losing light, but it does seem like you have a lot of light out there anyway.