Tuesday, February 9, 2010

curtains and shelves and more curtains

Don't tell my boss, but I think I'm feeling better. Sometime around noon I jumped out of bed and said, "I have to DO SOMETHIIIIIIINNNGG." So after fighting with my second-hand sewing machine that is haunted by my late neighbor, I went up to my mom's house to borrow her machine and made the curtains/covers for my new wire shelves that will serve as a pantry in the dining room.

Above: open; below: closed, just in case you missed that.

Holy Moses, that's a lot of white! I may take a stamp and some fabric paints to them at some point.

While I had the camera out, I tried to get a photo of the new living room curtains. Alas, I am not a clever enough photographer to take a good pic of fabric with light shining through it. I would provide you a link to them on the store's web site, but they don't have them listed online anymore*, damn it. I'll tell you my secret -- they're shower curtains. All of my window curtains are actually cotton shower curtains. It wouldn't work for everyone, my windows just happen to be a good size for them. (The pantry/self curtains were made from shower curtains too. I'm kind of obsessed.) (*UPDATE: They're back! Take a look, but know that I got them on sale.)

Here's my collection of blue willow plates as seen hanging in the kitchen, looking through to the living room. I have a couple more plates I need to hang, but I'll have to get the ladder out and my hands shake just thinking about climbing a ladder.

Here is the dining room with the new pantry shelves as seen from the living room... I couldn't wait to put something decorative-like on top of them, even though Dan told me not to. We'll be moving things around a bit when we have that window replaced with a sliding door this weekend. Hallelujah!!! It will be so nice to not have to come and go through the back door in the cramped little laundry room anymore. (Those sheers are also shower curtains.)

Did you notice the floating guitars in the photo above? I did when I took it, so I had to take one showing that wall.

There are more. Too bad I don't play. I leave that to the people who aren't tone deaf.


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Ms. Moon said...

I especially love the plates. Good job! Glad you're feeling better.

Mwa said...

Very tidy storage solution! I'm liking the guitars, too.