Sunday, January 17, 2010

three and thirteen, a snapshot

My sweet three year old boy is crushing, hard. Maya went to a school dance on Friday and had a friend stay over night. We'll call the friend A. The whole time A was here, Austin followed her around and ignored everyone else. The girls were getting ready for the dance and Austin kept going into the bedroom where they were getting dressed and made up and I kept going back in and dragging him out. A was really sweet about it, laughing when he put her shoes on and ran away, making her chase him through the kitchen and dining room.

In the morning, after A got dressed and came out to the living room Austin said to her "you look SO pretty." She didn't respond, so he looked at me and said "she is SO pretty." I just smiled and looked at Dan who was laughing under his breath.


The girls had a great time at the dance. They came home suffering from tinnitus, talking so loudly we had to keep shushing them. They laughed and goofed around and ate ice cream (maybe not the wisest choice on my part, letting them have sweets) and took a LONG time to settle down so we put on a DVD before they finally went to bed around 11. I could tell Dan and my MIL weren't too thrilled with me for not keeping them more in line, but shit, you're only 13 once, right?

I will say that I am so glad I only have one girl, my house isn't big enough for any more of that craziness.


Ms. Moon said...

Get your armor on, your GPS implanted. You are about to discover the joys of being the mom of a teenager.

rachelbk said...

Ugh, Ceara will be 12 next month, and has already had some middle school dances. It's pure madness!!!
Sounds like you handled it with grace and 'cool mom-ness.'

May said...

This whole thing just sounds so sweet, memories in the making. I bet those girls will remember that dance, that ice cream, that stay up and giggle time for all their lives. And you bet your little man made A. feel special. He sounds like a charmer. Bet you can't wait till he's 13! (heh heh)

Steph(anie) said...

Ms. Moon - I don't know how you did it. But I guess I'm gonna find out.

rachelbk - Sometimes I feel like I'm the one that's 13. Then reality strikes when the kids look at me like, "why the hell are you talking to us?"

May - Maya is one of those lucky people that is just more intrinsically happy [than me]. But I do like to help make the memories. And for some reason I'm more worried about Austin at 13 than Maya at this age. I think he may be more vulnerable than her, not that she's impervious.

Petit fleur said...

How adorable is that! Stealing her shoes... I think he's onto something with that one. I don't know a woman alive who would not chase a man down to get her shoes back!! What a kid!

You're a good mommy too. Good for you for letting thy girlies get giddy and goofy and girly. These are important times. I still remember a lot of those years as some of the best of my entire childhood.
Fun story,

Mwa said...

Too sweet. Good for you for letting them have their fun.

Bethany said...

Aw, sweet.
Love this little slice of life.