Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reuse and Reduce: craigslist patio furniture for the bedroom

A couple days ago, I mentioned some bamboo furniture I found on craigslist. The seller wanted $50 for a loveseat and chair w/out cushions. Sounded pretty good to me, because a new wicker loveseat runs around $300. But when we got there, the pieces looked a little more beat up than I expected. The number 30 popped into my head first thing. Dan was with me and he asked the guy how low he was willing to go... he said $30! I waited a minute so as not to look like a total dufus and said we had a deal while handing him the cash.

The frames of both pieces are really solid, but the parts that held up the (missing) cushions were thrashed. We ripped out the torn and stained canvas fabric (eeeewww) and foam padding. We restrapped the strappy things that were falling apart on the loveseat.

I tried to buy patio furniture cushions at Lowe's, but they didn't have anything deep enough. Then it occurred to me that I've been tripping over a handful of European sized pillows in the kids' room and they are almost the right size. So we're using those until find some more substantial cushions.

The chair is in the living room right now, but may move into the bedroom if/when I get rid of the dusty, unused recumbent bike to make room. The loveseat is meeting my expectations perfectly as a place for the kids (and me, maybe) to sit when we watch movies in the bedroom. Austin had been sitting in his stroller when watching DVDs in our room and that just wasn't going to work forever. And both pieces will work well in the living room (or outside) as we adjust when/if my mother-in-law moves out.

That is the same bedroom shown here with a different quilt/wallhanging combo.


Ms. Moon said...

Great find!

May said...

I love how handy you guys are! If I had bought the furniture I would have just lived with the crappiness of the seats, warning people before they sat down. Your room looks so cozy. I would like to take a nap there.

Steph(anie) said...

Ms. Moon - You should have seen me on the way home from picking it up. I was so excited and I kept saying "I'm so glad he called back. I'm so glad they weren't sold. SQUEEEE!!!"

May - Oh, please, you are so creative and handy. And mmmmmm... nap sounds good.

Bethany said...

These are fantastic and look really comfy. Love the pic of the kids in them. Great job! Really impressed with your fixeruperness too. I would've done what May said.

Petit fleur said...

I likes it! Getting new stuff is fun, especially when it has a bit of history.

Nice work!

Steph(anie) said...

Bethany - Dan is the really handy one. Sometimes I think I might kill him or at least divorce him, and then I remember that I would have to live without him and his handiness and I remember how much I appreciate him. And I love him too, I guess. :)

PF - It is fun. And nesting is especially fun (for me). I spend WAY more money on my house than I do on myself, I'm not a big clothes/shoes person, but I have an unreasonable number of tablecloths and quilts.

Petit fleur said...

I do too! Well, not the quilts, mine are afghans. Which hub is allergic to, so I can't even USE them! ARG!!

All This Trouble... said...

These are great, DUde!