Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's like raining

See that red bit there? The middle of it is about to be smack dab over my house. We're doing okay here though, knock on wood. There has been some flooding out toward the coast and there is some concern about landslides in areas that have burned in the last year or so.

A couple minutes ago they were talking to a surfer dude on the news and he was all like "I woke up and went outside and it was raining so much I was all like... WOW."

I *heart* surfer dudes.


Bethany said...

Surfer dudes on the news are especially charming.
Hang in there!

Bethany said...

Should I have said Hang 10?
Oh, I'm so old, I have no idea how to talk surfer dude/chick lingo.

Ms. Moon said...

Enjoy your rain and the green which will come afterwards.

Steph(anie) said...

Bethany - Hang 10 is long-board lingo, I think... in other words, old school.

Ms. Moon - I just keep thinking... it will be so easy to dig holes to plant things. Yay!