Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Etsy find: Temux Mayan Artisans

If I were ever to write a master’s thesis, it would be an epic about my love of Etsy. Or maybe craigslist, as both are COMPLETELY FREAKING AWESOME. Right!? Just this last weekend I picked up some second-hand bamboo patio furniture that I am going to refurbish and use in my bedroom. Photos to follow!

Anyway, that’s not what I’m writing about today. TODAY I have an Etsy find that is making me all kinds of happy. First, some background… I have a drink handy AT ALL TIMES. No, not that kind of drink, although I do like my Vodka. I’m thirsty and have either water or iced tea (or Mtn. Dew [shame face]) within arm’s reach AT ALL TIMES. Not kidding. So I have a gorgeous collection of 1 liter Nalgene bottles in teal, red, black, green, blue, purple, and pink… I need an orange one. Now, as a mother of two, one of which is a wiley three year old who likes to run away laughing in public places while I holler at him, I usually need my hands free. To that end I have a purse with a loooong strap that I can wear across one shoulder, bag hanging at the opposite hip. And I have long since wanted a carrier for my Nalgenes that I could wear in a similar fashion. So, look what I found today: Morral (traditional Guatemalan shoulder bag) water bottle size

I ordered two. This is a habit I picked up from my mother. If one is good, six is better. They only had two. You will have to wait til they have more. Course, this shoulder bag is pretty.

They are acrylic, and while I would prefer natural fibers, you can’t beat this:

TemuxMayanArtisans's Bio
We are an artists' cooperative of Mayan women living in the highlands of Guatemala. Begun with the assistance of Peace Corps volunteers in 2009, we make one-of-a-kind morrales (handbags) as a way to gain extra income for our families to provide better healthcare and education. We speak Q'anjob'al (a Mayan dialect) and Spanish, wear traditional dress, and live an agrarian lifestyle.

Yay Etsy! Yay Mayan women!


Mwa said...

I am not listening!
The last thing I need is
1. another way to waste time online
2. another place to spend money.
So - LA_LA_LA!!!

Ms. Moon said...

Now THAT is the way to shop. Good for you!

Bethany said...

Oh how fun. I am like you. Have crazy amounts of water bottles in all kinds of colors and sizes. But never heard of the type you mention. They seem cool. I feel like I need one, or 5.

Bethany said...

PS YOu DESERVE these bags after the lime tree fiasco. Sheesh. Was just looking at the photos again and felt so so sorry for you, and the poor tree.

Petit fleur said...

Congrats on your find! It's a bit like treasure hunting... They do beautiful work.
xo Those wiley chilluns! Mine ran from me in the park last week and hid. Only I never saw him run away because of the crowd... I only knew he disappeared. EGADS! If I'd have had one of those bottle straps, I'd have whacked him with it!!

Steph(anie) said...

Mwa - Not wasting time! Very IMPORTANT business, that.

Ms. Moon - It was good.

Bethany - The Nalgene bottles are really good quality. I dropped a full one in the parking lot yesterday and watched it bounce, scared it would crack, and it just got a little scuff. Course I immediately thought that wouldn't have happened if/when I have my bag!

PF - Doesn't that just scare the bejeesus out of you? And they don't get that. At least mine doesn't, to him it's HIL-larious.