Sunday, January 24, 2010

the end of an oven

My oven/stove done did died last night. Its -- no, her -- last meal was homemade mac and cheese. (Just an aside, I have a lot to learn about being a vegetarian. I am so fucking sick of cheese.) I don't know what her first meal/job was because my parents lived here with her for a year before we did. But knowing my mom, it was probably a cake. Or brownies. But my money's on cake. Devil's Food.

That oven wasn't a fancy model, far from it, but she served us as well as she could for the last six and half years. She will be missed. Well, we'll miss her this week since we can't replace her until Friday. When the new one comes we'll probably forget all about her.

Her front right burner hadn't worked in years. You had to set her oven 25° cooler than any given recipe called for. You couldn't turn the burners down low enough to just simmer. I don't know if that was the fault of the oven or the freaking propane. I long for natural gas... I do. And then last night, the oven wouldn't turn off. The knob spun freely and the orange glow of the flame wouldn't dim. We had to pull the plug.

Rest in peace, my dear.


Ms. Moon said...

I just got my beautiful new stove a year ago and I'm already having to use an oven thermometer to get the temperature set right.

May said...

I bet you will love the new oven so much you won't even think about the old one. Cooking will be so easy!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

RIP, dear old oven.

Bethany said...

Bye bye oven.
Sounds like you need a new one anyway.
Enjoy it.