Wednesday, January 13, 2010

eclectic taste in music, heartache, strength and love

These songs are amongst a couple dozen that instantly transport me to a very special time in my childhood. My mother and I had moved in with my grandparents when I was three. Their house was a magical place with treasures to be discovered and a backyard that provided me with countless hours of exploration and make-believe. But my favorite time was when my mom would play her records and I would dance and sing in the living room.

For me it was an almost perfectly happy time in life. I had moments when I questioned where my dad was, but my mom and grandparents were really my whole world.

It's only now that I am the age she was then that I realize what those songs must have meant to her. Her divorce damn near killed her. And I know for a fact that being a mother is what kept her going. She had a kid to take care of. She had to figure out how to support us and get me to the doctor and all those things that single moms have to do.

My mom is without a doubt the biggest influence in my life and I can't imagine my life without her in it.


Ms. Moon said...

Music has saved far more lives than antibiotics ever will.

Petit fleur said...

Awe. You're a sweet baby.. even if you are an unsweet mama. Look at me, I make funny!

Seriously, that was a lovely post.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Your mom sounds like a doll.

Love, SB.

May said...

My mom said exactly what I wanted to say! Dammit! A good Mama is something to be truly thankful for.

Steph(anie) said...

Ms. Moon - I believe it!

PF - My mom would say I'm a sarcastic baby.

SB - She really is.

May - You're right, I only wish I was as good as her.

Bethany said...

Such power in song, especially the ones our parents loved.
I know just what you mean.
We didn't really know back then what all the words meant and the pain behind them.
How lucky for her too that she had you dancing and smiling to help her through.