Thursday, August 9, 2007

Any day now

Little man still isn’t ready to walk. He stands REALLY well. And he sort of thinks about walking, but just can’t bring himself to let go yet.

I know that in a few weeks or however long, this phase of his life will be over, never to be seen again. He will be tearing around the house like a wild man; and I can’t wait. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

In the mean time, I want to make sure that I never forget the sound he makes when he crawls. We are on a raised foundation as opposed to a cement one, so there is hollow space under the floor. With each crawling step he takes, his foot, knee and hand hit the floor at different times. Sometimes he gets in a hurry to get somewhere and it’s all THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. Leaving the rest of us in a heap of tearful laughter.

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