Monday, June 8, 2009

Photo Essay: Living Space

This didn't start out to be a photo essay; I was just going to take a picture of that little blue curtain thingy there that I'm so damn proud of, but once I got started I couldn't control myself.

That big blank wall in the dining "room" used to have a bookcase on it, but that got moved to the kids' room for storage and the wall remains bare because I am DETERMINED to hang some cupboards on that wall in some lifetime when I have money.

Anyway, the curtain, right... behind that dark blue curtain thing is a postage stamp sized hallway with a small bathroom on the left, the kids' room straight ahead, and mommy and daddy's room on the right. Maya and I kept finding ourselves going through that hallway after our showers wearing little more than nothing when surprise! There was someone in the living room. Yeah. So I started looking for norens, which are these cool Japanese curtains meant to cover doorways, but they cost $$$. I already had these sarong sized Indian cotton things, so I just bought a $3 tension rod and used a quick running stitch to make a rod pocket and voila! Privacy!

Turning right, you will find the only thing of monetary value in our house, the LCD TV... 'tis a thing of beauty, that. The photo above is what I like to think of as the "before" shot for when we get our act together and put all those electronic eyesores into a cabinet of some kind. Also pictured above are Maya's legs. She is one of only two females I'm related to whose legs "go all the way up."

And lest you think I have nothing hanging on my walls, I give you the piano wall. Note the crooked wedding photo. Just left of frame you would find the front door. The door on the right here goes to my mother-in-law's bedroom. We gave my in-laws the master bed and bath when they moved in. My late father-in-law is pictured there to the left of the flag. He served in the Korean War and had a military funeral back in October of last year.

Moving on to the right, you have my messy kitchen. We need more storage in there. The laundry is just off the kitchen on the right side.

Turning right yet again, you'll find the kitchen window. I had the hubs hang the shelves that run across the window between the cupboards because the cupboards looked so stupid, just stuck up there not attached to anything. Note the fresh fruit... and power tools. Have I ever told you that we don't have a garage? Yeah.

Intentionally omitted were photos of the dining and living room windows, because I HATE my fucking curtains, and the bar that separates the kitchen sink from the dining room, because oh my god, we need to clean that crap up.


This is my second post today, so don't miss the dogs. Scroll down for more pics!


Ms. Moon said...

A cozy home where children feel free to hang upside down. As it should be.

Lady Lemon said...

I really feel your pain on the "no garage" business. It's such a pain in the ass.

Your house is really super cute, though! I love you blue hallway cover!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Your place looks really nice to me. Very welcoming.



Steph said...

Thanks you guys. It is cozy. We just have too much crap.