Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Calgon, take me away!

Ah, the wisdom of Yahoo! Check out my horoscope for today:

A balanced life is easy -- if you want to be social, be social. If you don't, don't.

Well there you go, easy-peasy. Who needs therapy? Just do what you feel like at the time and it will all work out fine. Hay, I want to quit my job, Yahoo! Good idea, huh?

What’s that line from 30 Rock? I’m being a “C-word.” You know, a cranky-sue. Yesterday afternoon and this morning found my mommy life in conflict with my professional life and guess which one I would just as soon kick to the curb. But alas, there are bills to pay and children to feed. And yes, yes, I am grateful to have a job. Great, great, great. Lucky me. Never mind that my soul is dead.

I need a vacation. Or an orgasm. Or a drink. Should we put it to a vote? Which would do Miss Stephanie the most good?


Frances said...

All three in no particular order..

Ms. Moon said...

Probably which ever one you could get your hands on first. Then make plans for the others.
Oh honey.

Bobbie Leigh said...

Here- here! I'm totally with you on that one.
That and Yahoo horoscopes are much cheaper than an actual therapist...

Lady Lemon said...

Yes, all three. And maybe a dash of that other substance that California is so famous for these days, hee hee.

I SOOO hear you on the job thing. Office life really does suck the shit out of dead assholes, no? As I was driving into work this morning I was trying to mentally formulate a budget that could allow me to quit my job. Sadly, I can't cut out things like insurance and electricity. Fuck!

Steph said...

Ms. Moon - That would be the drink!

Frances - The vacation appears to be the most elusive.

Bobbie Leigh - I'm thinking they're more expensive in the long run. Nervous breakdowns don't come cheap.

Ms. Lemon - You crack me up "suck the shit out of dead assholes." Disturbing but, you know, so true.