Thursday, May 28, 2009

TV is the Best Medicine

Do you all watch Wipeout? Because that is the funniest crap I have ever seen. Apparently my inner child is a 9 year-old boy. Thankfully, so is my husband’s. Speaking of my husband, he was so sweet last night. He fixed popcorn while we were watching Wipeout. Have you ever eaten popcorn while laughing hysterically? Have you ever inhaled a piece of popcorn into your throat? Yeah, I choked for like 10 minutes. I am now convinced that my “sweet” husband was TRYING TO KILL ME.

The first quarter of Wipeout is where all the magic happens. They start out with 24 contestants on an absurd obstacle course and whittle that number down to 12 quickly. And it is HILARIOUS. The second and third quarters are pretty good, but by the final segment, I’m pretty much over it. Huh? What ADD?

After Wipeout, The Goode Family premiered and I really enjoyed it, which means it will probably be canceled in two weeks. I loved the “vegan” dog and all the “missing” neighborhood pets. And the adopted African-American son… who was white. And the dad who works at a college. And the mom who has an existential crisis about shopping bags and her teenage daughter’s sex-life. And… well, just watch it.

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