Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer in the Chaparral

The ground is cracked and bleached nearly as white as concrete. The sun shines down and reflects up, blinding. Weeds cluster around the trees to steal their water. Critters burrow into the ground to escape and sleep.

The rainy season is essentially over until mother nature knows when. There may be some rain in August. There will be some fog in June. Until that time sun and dry dirt feature in our lives like family members, more welcome some days than others.

Cars stir up dust on the road, the wind picks it up and carries it into the house. Whether the doors and windows are open or closed, the dust finds its way into the kitchen cupboards, leaving a white circle behind when the last clean plate is used. The dust finds its way into the closets, leaving ashen shoulders on jackets left unused.

Pets shed their winter coats. Children shed their clothes and turn a darker shade of brown. Evenings bring the blessing of a breeze.


Bobbie Leigh said...

That was wonderful! I wish my dog would stop shedding his winter coat, it's driving me crazy.

Ms. Moon said...

Wow. That was beautiful. Absolutely.

Steph said...

Bobbie Leigh - The freaking hair! It's EVERYWHERE!!!

Ms. Moon - Thank you. I wanted to finish it off more, but the monkeys were climbing the walls.

Cat said...

Beautiful imagery Steph.

Lady Lemon said...

Lovely way to describe it all. Simply lovely.

And OMG yes, the hair! When will it end!?