Monday, April 20, 2009

Rough Waters

Yesterday we turned on the AC for the first time this year. It’s only April, people, this does not bode well.

I dreamed last night that my husband took a barge and built something along the lines of a houseboat into it. Then it sprung a leak.

Aside from the leak it was pretty cool. You could go all over the place (well, wherever barges can go) and take your home with you. Like being a gypsy, or those families that live in RVs. Barges can weather any storm, can't they?

I also dreamed that a co-worker lost her job because of her internet activities. I think that was a warning to myself.

Oh, yeah, and I have an appointment with a new therapist today. ME = NERVOUS


Ms. Moon said...

I love the barge dream! Much to think about there. Be sure to tell your new therapist about it! And good luck.

Steph said...

He could totally do it too. That man can fix and/or build just about anything.

funnyliberal said...

I wanted to turn the AC on the other day when the thermostat read 78, which in my mind is an unacceptable indoor temperature, but my husband had other ideas. I think there will be some major battles in July and August.

I found your blog from your comment over at Bossy's.

Steph said...

I loves me some Bossy :)