Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, so I *should* be writing about the environment, but I have this gawd awful headache. Always happens around the beginning of my period. Which makes me think maybe I won’t wake up tomorrow and wish I was dead. PMS doesn’t bring out the best in me.

Okay. Sorry, the environment, right. Things I’m doing a good job of… I use my handy-dandy Nalgene water bottle AND uh… crap, I suck at this.

Things I need to work on… potty training the boy. [Hangs head in shame.] Yes, Ms. Moon, I use disposable diapers for the boy. Ready for some excuses? I work full time and washing cloth diapers takes time and energy. And the day-care center would frown on storing soiled diapers for pick up. And… I know, I suck. There’s no excuse. If it’s any consolation it will be over relatively soon and there ain’t no plans for no more babies at my house, so it won’t be an issue for long.

Uggh, I’m gonna go get something a little stronger than water in my Nalgene.


Oh! I just remembered something else that's good! I wear recyclable shoes.


Ms. Moon said...

Ms. Moon is not worried that you don't use cloth diapers. If I had had to work when my babies were little, I would have too. Plus, I sort of loved those cloth diapers so it was easy for me.
Now go take some Ibuprofen and feel better!

Steph said...

I am ashamed of using those diapers. I guess I just like being hard on myself. My mom used the cloth diapers, but she said "back then" the disposable ones were lousy anyway.