Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Bear Flew

I suppose the monster was always inside her. She just did a better job of holding it down, before. Medications made it sleep like a bear in winter. That is to say, putting the pieces together, the madness was always there. We just didn’t know the brand. I feel like that kid in the Sixth Sense, only I see crazy people. And I’m crazy but don’t know it yet. That’s what scares me the most. That like death is inevitable, the beast is in us all. Like a disease that slumbers for years before rearing its ugly head. We are all carriers of the madness. What will you do with yours? I tried to ruin my marriage two years ago. I almost pulled it off, but that husband of mine is a fighter. I haven’t beaten that out of him yet. And what of his madness, you ask? Well, that’s a thought for another day. This friend of mine used her madness in the worst possible way. And now what? Does she stay in that place where crazy is the new normal? Is normal a foreign country now? A foreign country where babies are killed by swine flu instead of their mama’s sleeping bear.


Ms. Moon said...

Heavy thoughts, Ms. Steph. Heavy thoughts. We all have madness, but we have great sanity, too.

Cat said...

I know the feeling.