Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let it never be said that I am not a creature of habit.

TODAY's fortune cookie reads:


When I got this fortune on SUNDAY, I thought it fit into the lame-to-stupid end of the fortune cookie spectrum. When I got the SAME FORTUNE AGAIN TODAY I thought, wow even if you don't buy into this crap, the idea of getting the same presumably random fortune twice is kind of weird. I mean even if they only randomized 20 or so fortunes, the idea that I would get the same one at all, much less on the VERY NEXT VISIT, seems fairly unlikely.

I read that fortune only moments after finishing the same panda bowl I order every time. Right before refilling my sixth Arnold Palmer since Friday. Mere moments before driving over to Lane Bryant to replace the panties I've had prior to and since my now two-year-old son's conception, with the exact same style of panties, sans holes. [They have leg holes of course, just no worn out spots.]

Maybe I should pay a little more attention to that fortune.


g said...

Ho ho!! Maybe it's telling you to engineer a change!

I love how funny this is - same fortune, same meal, same errands! You are so wry and funny!

Cat said...

Just so long as it doesn't say you will eat a beet. Or have to do more beating. Then I'd go with the flow.

Maggie May said...

i can't eat the damn cookies so i get no fortune.