Friday, January 16, 2009

You don't want to read this

My horoscope today, via Yahoo!

It's a super day to get creative with what you do for fun! Find some free events.
Fun? WHAT IS FUN? I don’t remember the last thing I did for FUN. Fuck you Yahoo! Even if I had a couple hours to do what I pleased I don’t even know anymore what I would WANT to do. And free events? That’s a laugh riot. The only free events I attend are diaper changes and loads of laundry.

I’m seriously fucking bored with my job and I’m not coping very well today. And yes, I’m grateful to have a job at all. I’m incredibly grateful for my health insurance. But right now I just feel stuck. And if I’m stuck here until retirement age IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY.


UPDATE: I've been to lunch since I wrote this and now I'm listening to the Gipsy Kings. I feel a little better.


Maggie May said...

why don't you have sex with your hubby! or come read myblog about it ;) seriously, that's what it's about- cheap free fun in a recession.

Steph said...

Am I that transparent :)

Swishy said...

You did make me laugh with the diaper changes and laundry :)

Cat said...

I had that kind of day yesterday. Here's hoping the last few have been filled with lots of lunches and beers and happy thoughts. Or at least some humping.