Wednesday, January 14, 2009

House Rules

Have I ever mentioned that my two angels are separated by 10 years? No? How about the fact that they are currently 2 [boy] and 12 [girl]?

“Holy Hell!” you say. Yes, we are in the throes of evil toddler-dom and pre-teen hormonal mania AT THE SAME TIME.

During all those years that we only had our sweet little girl, we were pretty relaxed parents. She was [WAS] a pretty easy going kid and we’re pretty cool parents [if I do say so myself] so we never really had rules so-to-speak. But now there is bad attitude and defiance dripping off of every square inch of our home. In an effort to NOT get [any further] into the yell-like-a-maniac-all-day style of parenting, I propose the following set of rules.

be safe. be responsible. be respectful.

I didn’t make these up myself; I just liked them well enough to steal them from my daughter’s first and second grade teacher, who was by all accounts, a godsend. These will be framed and hung strategically around the house. Pretty simple and all-encompassing, I think. For instance DON’T HIT clearly falls under both BE SAFE and BE RESPECTFUL. I DON'T want a laundry list of DON’TS. We’ll see how it goes. Wish us luck.


I'm the Momma said...

Can I get a duplicate of your sign...granted Owen can't read yet, but might as well start early on the essentials!

Steph said...

You betcha... Austin can't read either. I figure it's as much for me as them.

NannyGarcia said...

We have two sets of kids too. "The boys": Francois Philipp (13) and the twins (11) and then we have "les bebes" who are 6 and 4. Every time Coco thinks FP is being an awful teenager, I'm like, "this will pass in about 5 years ... and then you'll get to start all over again with Dash and Trixie."