Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Because blowing your nose and going outside to crap is just too difficult for some

Got puked on last night. It was actually kind of remarkable. No liquid at all, just a golf ball sized wad of food bound together with mucus. Very efficient. My kids both know the only way to properly purge one’s system of mucus is to swallow it, choke on it all night and then gag it up on mommy. It’s the boy this time, thank jeebus. The 12 year-old is too big to sit up with all night on the recliner. My legs would go to sleep.

Stepped in dog poo last night. In the girl’s bedroom. This was not remarkable. Just. Fucking. Gross.

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NannyGarcia said...

Last week:
Wednesday - cleaned human poop off the bathroom floor
Thursday - mopped pee out of a Burger King play place
Friday - scrubbed vomit out of the carpet

Want to know the grossest part? None of these things bother me anymore.