Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meme: Things I love A-Z

So I read a site where they were doing a meme wherein you list 10 things you love that begin with one letter and since I’m SUCH a loser that no one will ever tag me for a meme I thought I would just tag myself. But screw that one letter crap; I could never decide which one. So, one thing for each letter, plus I have little ones and the alphabet seems good and learny.

A) Austin. My boy, not the city. Not that there’s anything wrong with the city it’s a very nice city, I just, oh forget it. Moving on.

B) Bananas. I really, really love bananas. Eat one every day with breakfast. And I mean EVERY DAY. If I miss a day, or gods forbid two, I start to go a little buggy and have to get my ass to the grocery store.

C) Curry. Loves me some Indian food. I actually prefer Chicken Mahkni but I already have something for M. Wait chicken starts with C. Um, I’m not very good at this. Oh, I need to change my answer to chocolate. No, cupcakes! Fuck, why is everything about food?

D) Disneyland. You either agree or you don’t. Let’s not get into the Great Disney Discussion.

E) Enlightenment. I just realized I should have said Buddha for B.

F) Food. This is actually more of a love/hate kinda thing [cringe], but that’s a post for another day. I have issues.

G) Gnarls Barkley. Smiley Faces, The Last Time, Crazy and Charity Case to name a few.

H) Houseplants. I can’t explain this one without sounding like a pathetic Martha wannabe, so, yeah.

I) Internet. Seems obvious, but I honestly can’t imagine my life without it. I mean the other day at dinner we were arguing about whether Bobby Hatfield was still alive, only we couldn’t remember his name, so we kept calling him the guy from the Righteous Brothers that isn’t Bill Medley. I got frustrated and left the table to go to the computer to look it up and settle it once and for all. [He’s dead.] Another possible answer for I is Ikea. See D above if you disagree, same concept holds true here.

J) Johnny Depp. I don’t have to explain this one do I? Jack Johnson, too. I can’t possibly pick just one here.


L) Lady of the Lake. A great store in Temecula, CA. Lots of spiritual books and new agey paraphernalia.

M) Maya. My first born, named in part for Maya Angelou who always inspires me to be a better person.

N) Nightmare Before Christmas. [sigh] Once again, if you don’t agree, let’s just agree to disagree.

O) Orange Blossoms. The smell and the memories it brings back. Maybe someday I’ll post a picture of my tattoo.

P) Pineapple. This is one of those foods that can make me orgasm a little bit. Unfortunately it also gives me diarrhea. [Sorry, you probably would have preferred I said Pearl Jam or pandas.]

Q) Quilts. My mom and I used to sew together and we were on a quilt kick for a while. Now I just buy ‘em.

R) Ray LaMontagne. Wow I’m really taking the easy way out listing singers I like. But this guy is awesome. I swear. This list is all music and food. I obviously have my priorities in order. My food related answer for R would be rice. [The following is not an official video.]

S) Squirrel Nut Zippers. The best of the 90’s swing bands. This is the last music reference, I think, maybe.

T) Tattoos. I have three. My husband has too many to count.

U) Uh...

V) Varekai. Okay, I’m cheating here; I really like Cirque du Soleil in general. Some of these are really freaking hard.

W) Working. Not working itself so much. But having benefits and a paycheck is not to be taken for granted these days.

X) Xylophone. Oh come on, you try to think of something else that starts with X.

Y) Yoga. I’m too fat now, but I did it when I was younger and hope to go back to it someday. [Yes, I just claimed to be too fat to exercise. Don’t even try to argue with my brand of logic.]

Z) Zoo. Specifically the San Diego Zoo. I love that place as much for their amazing plants and trees as the pandas.

About the Meme: If you read this and like the idea consider yourself tagged. There are no rules.


Anonymous said...

Bobby Hatfield had such an incredible voice and millions of fans. It's sad to know that people don't remember if he's alive or not. It would be a wonderful thing if he was still alive.yy

Maggie May said...

this is great! i love finding new music and places. thanks for sharing.