Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Days

I am so freaking happy today. Not only did the old U. S. of A. successfully Barack the Vote, but [perhaps somewhat less importantly] the [entire] family will be celebrating the girl-child's birthday at the San Diego Zoo in less than 10 days! I will be within mere dozens-of-feet of my beloved pandas!!! I am beside myself with joy.

Great Ape Awareness Days, whatever those are, coincide with our visit. Perhaps we need to be aware that the apes will rip our ever-luvin faces off if we get too close? That’s cool. I love the monkeys. The boy-child is a monkey.

Speaking of offspring, I have been consumed with the baby fever lately. I blame it almost entirely on this gorgeous child. Okay, her and my freaking baby-making hormones. Of course my husband thinks I’m bat-shit crazy because we are broke nearly bankrupt and our house is significantly somewhat overpopulated. Phooey! I say there’s no time like the present. So I ask teh Internets… shall I have another?

Anyone? Anyone?


Swishy said...

Look at that face! How can you say no? :)

Steph said...

@swishy - I know! That's what I ask my husband :)

I'm the Momma said...

What's one more baby? Look at the Duggar Family -- tell your husband that at least he's lucky that you aren't wanting a whole bus-load of kids...just one more!

Kristen said...

Go for it! There's no time like the present and everything always has a way of falling into place... :-)Sometimes those men are way too sensible!