Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

Thank Jeebus. I thought this summer might not ever end. Not that it was bad, just a long broken record of broke-ness. Fall means less a/c, less water. More holidays. Ack!

But fall also brings SoCal’s lovely Santa Ana winds. Most natives complain about Santa Anas. The hay fever! The dust! And of course wildfires are awful. But there is something about the change in the air that I love. Something about fall makes me feel like I’m awake again after too long of a sleep. Like when you wake up after a late afternoon nap and the light is all golden, shadows are long and the sun is about to set. And someone else is already cooking dinner. Wait, that part may have been a dream.

Maybe it’s just because I never go outside in the heat of the summer, and fall means outside, fresh air, vibrant sunsets. Seriously, October sunsets in the chaparral are nothing short of a miracle. A big pink and orange explosion of color.

I have to hold on to fall while I can. Because I’m going to blink and just like that it will be Christmas.

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