Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Watching the Grass Grow

This time last year I was home with a brand new baby boy. It was hot outside, hotter than it is this year, and I did my best to not leave the house. The fact that I had a C-section coupled with the fact that I was struggling with breastfeeding meant that I spent a lot of time sitting down. I HATE daytime TV and was grateful that Wimbledon and World Cup Soccer were in rotation on ESPN. I know next to nothing about sports but I enjoy watching Wimbledon whenever I get the chance and I can’t help but get involved in the World Cup in spite of myself. I spent hours looking at his beautiful little face and listening to the sounds of those games on TV.

I wished that time would stand still. I would only have three months before I had to go back to work full-time and every day that passed killed me a little. Seeing an ad for Wimbledon this year took me right back to those hours spent sitting on the bed with the baby, surrounded by white sheets and pillows, ceiling fan whirring above us, cordless phone within reach and green grass on TV with the sound turned down low.

A few weeks later my husband was let go from his job, my in-laws came in from out of state to see the baby and my daughter got out of school for a few weeks. The quiet phase of my time off was over in an instant, but I was glad for all of them to get to enjoy the baby with me, even if my husband didn’t think that was the case at the time. He was convinced that I wanted that baby all to myself. I told him I just had to soak him up as much as I could while I was off. I knew I wouldn’t get that kind of time with him again any time soon.

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