Thursday, August 9, 2007

Any day now

Little man still isn’t ready to walk. He stands REALLY well. And he sort of thinks about walking, but just can’t bring himself to let go yet.

I know that in a few weeks or however long, this phase of his life will be over, never to be seen again. He will be tearing around the house like a wild man; and I can’t wait. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

In the mean time, I want to make sure that I never forget the sound he makes when he crawls. We are on a raised foundation as opposed to a cement one, so there is hollow space under the floor. With each crawling step he takes, his foot, knee and hand hit the floor at different times. Sometimes he gets in a hurry to get somewhere and it’s all THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. Leaving the rest of us in a heap of tearful laughter.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

'Shrooms and Whey

We already knew that our little guy could be lured away from ice cream (which he loves) with bananas (which he loves more). But now we know how weird he really is. He spent the whole weekend eating mushrooms. His sister can’t even touch mushrooms without retching. He liked them even more than black olives and what little kid doesn’t love black olives? And then this morning it was cottage cheese. He ate every bit I gave him. Straight up. No fruit. He may not be human.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Low-level Programming

I’ve been consumed lately with the thought of having another baby. What the hell is the matter with me? I can barely handle the two I have right now with taking classes and working full-time. I’m so tired I keep making stupid mistakes. We’re broke all the time. If my kids even think about college it will be a community college for sure unless they get some really good scholarships or I miraculously get my shit together in the next couple of years and actually put something aside.

Maybe I’m just trying to compensate for my family’s current glut of seniors. We need some new blood, so to speak. (There’s a blatant rationalization if I ever made one.)

Hormones are evil; they control me at some base level. They talk to me and say babies are good, you like babies. And that’s true. I love babies and family and the whole package, but at some point I have to say “no more.” I just don’t know if that time is now.

Friday, July 6, 2007

How Craigslist May Just Save My Relationship with My Daughter

My daughter and I haven’t been able to spend as much time together since the baby came along. Her needs aren’t as immediate or constant as his are. Plus she talks. Like actual words. Which makes her more annoying than him. For now anyway. But over the last week or so we’ve been able to do some fun activities together. All because of things we found on craigslist. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

First, my husband found a trampoline in the “free stuff” category. It’s one of those big ones with the netting around it so you don’t go flying off and break your neck. Instead you just jump too close to the edge, get your foot caught in the springs and break your leg. Nobody’s broken anything so far and she and I have actually jumped on it. Together! And had fun! Who’da thunk it.

And then… then! My husband found someone selling a Wii for an almost decent price, so he bought it. Last night we all played tennis, golf and bowling until we needed showers. So, thank you craigslist for giving us the opportunity to enjoy family time and get some exercise. (Virtual bowling counts as exercise, doesn’t it?)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Old MacDonald Had a Crack Baby

I know that TV is bad. I know that I am addicted and I can admit I have a problem. I know it melts kids’ brains. But sometimes, you just need a damn minute, you know?

And when I need a minute, I know exactly where to turn. I turn to Baby MacDonald. We have exactly 21 Baby Einstein DVDs. We bought both of the box sets from Coscto (totaling 20 DVDs) and then bought My First Signs. But for whatever reason, Baby MacDonald is The One. It doesn’t matter how fussy he is. It doesn’t matter if you are offering him a banana (which will lure him away from ICE CREAM). If you turn on Baby MacDonald there is instant calm.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Work sucks, I’m going on tour

The whole “working mom” thing is really bothering me this week. I hate missing things with the kids. The baby told daddy “no” yesterday and I wanted to cry because I wasn’t there. Maybe I’m just hormonal.

I have to admit that having medical insurance is pretty handy. Oh, and being able to pay the bills, I guess that’s important too. But I miss my kids!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Watching the Grass Grow

This time last year I was home with a brand new baby boy. It was hot outside, hotter than it is this year, and I did my best to not leave the house. The fact that I had a C-section coupled with the fact that I was struggling with breastfeeding meant that I spent a lot of time sitting down. I HATE daytime TV and was grateful that Wimbledon and World Cup Soccer were in rotation on ESPN. I know next to nothing about sports but I enjoy watching Wimbledon whenever I get the chance and I can’t help but get involved in the World Cup in spite of myself. I spent hours looking at his beautiful little face and listening to the sounds of those games on TV.

I wished that time would stand still. I would only have three months before I had to go back to work full-time and every day that passed killed me a little. Seeing an ad for Wimbledon this year took me right back to those hours spent sitting on the bed with the baby, surrounded by white sheets and pillows, ceiling fan whirring above us, cordless phone within reach and green grass on TV with the sound turned down low.

A few weeks later my husband was let go from his job, my in-laws came in from out of state to see the baby and my daughter got out of school for a few weeks. The quiet phase of my time off was over in an instant, but I was glad for all of them to get to enjoy the baby with me, even if my husband didn’t think that was the case at the time. He was convinced that I wanted that baby all to myself. I told him I just had to soak him up as much as I could while I was off. I knew I wouldn’t get that kind of time with him again any time soon.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Band Zoo

Last night the fam went to this (honestly fun) thing for the kid’s school where interested students could try out a bunch of band instruments. And we tried them all. Most were woodwinds and brass, but there were also drums and a really cool computer program that lets students record themselves and evaluate the accuracy of their playing. It was held in a multi-purpose room with a high ceiling and lots of hard surfaces so the noise level was deafening. There were moments when it sounded like an orchestra warming up before a performance, but mostly it just sounded like a flock of ducks being trampled by a herd of elephants.